Our Mission

The Hmong American Association of Colorado is a nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting, preserving, promoting, developing and advocating for the rights and interests of the Hmong community


Programs & Services

Hmong American Association of Colorado (HMAAC) has established several programs and services that immediately addressed some of the needs of the community, and has provided its social services


Sponsorship & Donations

We, the HMAAC team, recognize the existence of elderly and social services needs within the Hmong community and encourage individuals, businesses, and the professional community to make donations


Recent Posts and Publications

2016 Summer Festival

Save the DATE! (June 25 and 26, 2016) Come join us this year for the summer festival held on June 25 and June 26 at Shaw Heights Middle School. Come out and join us as we promote health by being active.   For those who wish to participate in any of the sports, please download […]

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2014 Annual Summer Festival

Dear Community and Volunteers, thank you for participating at the 2014 HMAAC Summer Festival. Special thanks to Hmong Student Association of Colorado, sports coordinators, security staff, janitors, and all other volunteers. As an update to you and your group in the community, the  (Summer Festival 2014 Budget [PDF]) financial report is the Summer Festival budget. It illustrates […]